Multiplier event in Lithuania

The event was held in a traditional Samogitian rural tourism homestead on 19 th November 2018 to promote the project Seniors New Tech and engage the seniors to start learning using a computer and the Internet services in their daily life. 20 learners from the Third Age University who are all retired were invited to the event.

The coordinator of the project R.Smilingiene introduced the project, its objectives and outcomes, planned activities. The team member L. Galvanauskiene presented the modules “Basic skills of using a computer” and “Booking on line”. The scenarios of the lessons for these modules were created by Lithuanian team. Both speakers presented the positive sides of using a computer especially the services you can reach without leaving the home. The sample lesson material was presented as well. The seniors had lots of questions to the speakers about the possibility to enroll in the course, duration, conditions and many more. The project coordinator gave a vivid explanation to all the questions.

The presentation of the project was followed by the Samogitian lunch with traditional food. The lunch was followed by the discussion on the challenges of learning for seniors at the round table. It was live as jokes and songs made the fantastic mood of the event.

The feedback about the event was very positive and we had a good chance to recruit full group of learners for our pilot course.