2nd multiplier event in Lithuania

On 12th November, a dissemination event of the “Seniors New Tech” project took place at the Plunge Service and Education Assistance Center. Representatives of different educational and cultural institutions got acquainted with the results of the project. The participants of the project pilot training Olga and Galina shared their impressions of their participation in the project activities.

Members of the project team R.Smilingiene, L. Galvanauskienė and A. Kripas presented the project activities and created products. As the first step, a seven-module training course was developed to familiarize seniors with the use of digital technology in their daily lives: online information search, electronic banking, online booking, online shopping, social networking, safe internet use, and computer basics. During the pilot course, 12 seniors studied and evaluated the course material developed. Young volunteer students assisted teachers with these courses. In the second phase, the seniors shared their experiences with the youth, teaching them how to knit and how to use basic tools and make a bird nesting bow.

The project will end, but its product (ICT course material) will be used by seniors and improve their ability to apply modern digital technology in their daily lives.