Project summary

According to GUS at the end of 2013 total population in PL was 38,5 mln including 5,7 mln. of elderly, this number increases every year, GUS predict that within ten of fifteen years elderly share in the whole society will be about 30%, so we have to get ready to this situation and prepare for elderly a good place to live. In Czech Republic there were 18% of seniors – 2014. In Slovenia, today, over 64 years representing 1/6 of the total population. In 2014, Lithuania had 2943.5 thousand residents, out of whom 18.4 %, were aged 65 and older. In LT Internet usage has nearly doubled for last past years, in PL about 11 %  among elderly group use Internet, in CZ people aged 74+who use Internet is approx. 6%, in SL approx.5%. Our project is the answer for the new demographic tendencies in the EU.

Main participants:

People 50+ who have problems with using computer and Internet in a useful, secure way – this is our main group

Young people 18+ who want to work with seniors, have some experience in working with seniors, some of them are already volunteers or trainers but they want to improve their skills and knowledge and want to learn from seniors


The internal coaching of partners staff involved in the implementation of the project

Preparation of curricula–each partner 1-2 parts

We’ll work out sets of scenarios for Course for Seniors in 7 main areas: basic information about using computer, email, information searching, online shopping, online banking, booking, security in the net. Each partner prepares 1-3 according to experience

Translation of the curricula & scenarios

Working on the content of project (materials, handbook, tests standards)

Joint staff trainings in Lithuania–5 days, participants from each partner organization–exchange of experiences, observations, presentation of sample trainings, consultations

Transnational meetings–2 pers-3 days,1-at the beginning of project; 2-after 1st edition of course, exchange experiences, assess the effects of 1st edition, modify the materials; 3-at the end of the project, it’ll be devoted to discussing the functioning of the project

Organisation of Course for Seniors–3 editions in INT, 1-2 in partners org, each lasting ap. 6 months, 10 senior&2 young participants/group on average, 96h-senior course+ 20 for youth course

Conducting sample trainings–in each of partner countries

Final Tests & Certificates

Publications of best practice from all countries

Multiplier events–2 in each partner country, one after last edition, 2nd at the end of the project, 20 national participants at each event. We disseminate the intellectual outcome

Final conference “New Approach To Senior Training”–results dissemination.

Methodology: scenarios, methods, forms, necessary materials, tools and teaching aids, useful  pools, research, questionnaires, data will help us to prepare coherent and comprehensive program with its’ content, exam standards, form, regulations, sets of tasks, evaluation standard, workshops, publications, books with tools, methods, videos, photos

It will have impact:

Inside the organization: partners org staff, trainers cooperating with partners organizations, volunteers.

These groups will be involved in the project from the beginning, will be interested to involvement in the problems of low motivation to learn, low level of self-esteemed of seniors, developing their knowledge in the field of increasing competencies &skills qualifications & realize high quality project, involving them in recruitment, implementing activities, dissemination, management, promoting our activities etc.

Outside the organizations: Senior 50+ ,who want to acquire new ICT, e-commerce skills during workshops and have some skills in the field of forgotten one, trainers, teachers who will be recruit by us and have experience in working with seniors, their supporters who also have some experience in working with seniors, but want to refresh, improve it, senior organizations & its members & staff who will participate in our multiplier events, sample trainings and learn new, fresh approach to learning seniors in the field of project, spread results among other, training organizations, authorities at the local & national level – they will be involved in dissemination activities like multiplier events, etc.